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The Rockefeller University 1230 York Ave New York, NY, 10065
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An accessible, NYC-based health tech community

Future of Care is a group of young entrepreneurs, clinicians, and scientists bringing technological innovation to medicine. We host an annual, flagship conference as well as year-round networking events to connect different healthcare stakeholders in NYC. We create an accessible forum in which science, medicine, technology, and capital combine to catalyze change in healthcare.

2019 Speakers


Nicole Cadoret
Co-Founder / Head of Design, Lively
Hearing aids and a doctor’s care, delivered to your home.
Nicole Cadoret
Co-Founder / Head of Design, Lively
Hearing aids and a doctor’s care, delivered to your home.
Joel Wishkovsky
Founder / CEO, Simple Health
Simple Health is a telemedicine platform that allows patients to avoid costly, inconvenient visits to the doctor’s office by providing direct access to providers as well as birth control and contact lens services.
Marc Lara
Co-Founder / CSO, MicroHealth
MicroHealth aims to improve the management of chronic diseases with a disease management platform that facilitates patient-provider communication of symptoms, allowing for personalized medication adjustments and an improved quality of life.
Melynda Barnes
Clinical Director, Rory
Rory is the first end-to-end service for women in perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause.
Kumar Dharmarajan
CSO, Clover Health
Clover Health is a Medicare Advantage insurer and healthcare technology company with a deeply-rooted mission of helping its members live their healthiest lives.
Christopher Morley
Co-Founder / President, Medivis
Medivis is founded by surgeons, radiologists, and engineers, to harness the power of immersive computing and revolutionize surgical visualization.
Mark Jelley
Managing Director, OrbiMed Advisors
OrbiMed is scouting the globe for innovations that will help ensure humanity lives healthier, longer and more productive lives.
Viral Shah
Strategy Director, Frog
Creating systems of brand, product and service that deliver distinctly better experiences for consumers, customers, citizens, and employees.

2019 FireSide Chats

Fireside Chats

Maria Gotsch
President and CEO, Partnership Fund of NYC
The Partnership Fund for New York City is a $160M investment fund designed to expand opportunities for under-served populations, foster growth in emerging tech sectors and promote public sector innovation in NYC.
Greg Spielberg
Director of Cities, SecondMuse
SecondMuse builds 21st-century economies with partners like NYCEDC, NYSERDA, Rockefeller and Pivotal Ventures. Learn about the wealth of NYC manufacturing resources to bring your product from idea to production.
Michael Laskoff & Reena Pande
Founding CEO and CMO, AbleTo
AbleTo has grown to over $40 million in funding, 500+ employees, and partnerships with Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield’s Federal Employee Plan, Premera and Horizon – collectively reaching over 30 million lives.

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